BenQ Lighting

In the year 2012 was completed several years of collaboration with company BenQ by closing the distribution contract for industrial LED luminaires and lamps under BenQ Lighting brand name and QisDESIGN brand name for design lamp.

Q Lighting

Mutual negotiations with the company BenQ achieved agreement to take over the production and distribution for professional LED luminaires BenQ Lighting for Europe under the brand Q LIGHTING in 2014. Timeless design lights QisDESIGN continue to be offered as part of our distribution agreement with the BenQ Group.


For us in Q Lighting light can do much more: it can enhance form and function, it can improve the safety of people and spaces, it can create pleasant sensations and create more sustainable life and work situations. 


This is why we design and develop unique and high-quality luminaires and lighting systems specific to each type of environment and compliant with the most modern industry standards.

BenQ Group

A world-leading human technology and solutions provider is consisted of 20+ companies and more than 100k employees.

Highly efficient value chains for the development of critical components, devices, systems, and integrated services in industries (USD 21 billion annual turnover).


Group maintains an active presence in more than 100 countries across the globe.


The well-known assortment technologies are LED lighting, displays, solar energy, fine chemicals and advanced materials, IC design, precision components, system products for consumers, commercial and industrial applications, and branded businesses and services (more than 400 patents).

The world’s longest experience with continuous industrial LED production since 1977.