Why Q Lighting?

Each product designed for Europe leaving the line is submit to strict tests to verify the declared parameters. Besides verifying values of lighting each luminaire is tested for a short time and  long-term thermal load. Certification, testing and product testing is the responsibility of SGS Electronics & Communications Laboratory.


  • Powerful temperature management guaranteed by the patented heat removal design allows to take full advantage of COB and CSP benefits and delivers longer life, stability and reliability
  • Using COB guarantees more stable light source than standard LEDs
  • Strict selection of own MCOBs (microchip on Board) meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and intensity of light flux. Each individual product meets the declared parameters in range ± 2,5%.
  • As the only one we use a temperature and time corrected light source at the same time
  • BenQ Group standards guarantee revitalization 6 years after the warranty
  • The lifetime characteristics TM21 of our luminaires are always based on the LM80 measurement values for the entire luminaire, compared to a non-transparent comparison with the laboratory value of only chip obtained from the manufacturer of the chips
  • Very low maintenance requirements (defined CIE) luminaires have a wide range of technological patents applied which, for example, prevent dust and statically charged particles from settling
  • Possibility of Lighting as a Service (LaaS), service contracts and revitalization – replacement of active technology parts for multiple life extension and warranty, which will significantly reduce the carbon footprint