Quality light for your life

Quality light for your life

Q Lighting

All Q Lighting luminaires allow revitalization. The exchange of active technological parts allows for a multiple extension of the service life, respectively warranty. This service has an impact, for example, on a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the environmental impact in the form of a carbon footprint.  In addition, Q Lighting enables to customize luminaires and choice of color spectrum of LED chip, tailor-made from a small order volume. We follow the latest trends and we can help you with “Lighting as a Service”, third-party financing, including subsidies or the provision of appropriate service.

Quality of production

The selection of the sub-element in the strictest tolerance and the individual manufacturing operations of each luminaire have physical quality control as well as the settings of selected luminaire parameters. Subsequently, complete testing of each piece is carried out according to the CIE methodologies.


The worldwide success of BenQ’s luminaires is based on mastering the temperature management of the entire luminaire, which is key to the fact that the most important parameters of the luminaire are temperature-dependent. The whole effect is enhanced compared to most vendors in Europe by solving the complete manufacturing processes of the luminaire, from development, design and chip production, including encapsulation, final luminaire integration to long-term testing: this maximizes synergy. Lamps have a wide range of patents and technology solutions. Their utilization increases the efficiency of cooling to guarantee long service life and thus to make effective use of investment in luminaires.