Down Light

DLA1 professional ceiling lights with proven high operational reliability, fully in accordance with EN 12464-1, are suitable for lighting corridors, homes, offices, restaurants and social facilities.

Modern CSP chip guarantees high performance with low heat loss. Short-term power outages do not affect the life of the luminaire. The rigorous selection of customized CSP modules follows ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and luminous flux. Each individual product meets the declared light parameters in the ± 2.5% band. Sandblasted glass prevents long-term loss of luminous flux and color changes.

DLA1 luminaires meet the requirement for true color reproduction and their luminous flux is free of UVA and UVB spectrum components.

They are easy to mount in a ceiling or in a design wooden frame, ceiling mounted.

Luminaires are simple to design and easy to maintain.