Flat Panel Light

LED panels FPL-LX PRISMA meet all requirements of the EN 12464-1 standard and are designed especially for lighting in areas where is a great emphasis on light quality and low glare. Excellent use is in industrial assembly and control lines, laboratories, classrooms etc.

The light sources of these panels are located indirectly at a side of the diffuser. Therefore, the luminaire is very thin and the light is homogeneous. Significant reduction of unwanted glare is ensured by light fracture in the prismatic flat diffuser design. FPL-LX PRISMA panels comply with the strict requirements of standards for fine assembly and controlling workplaces.

Strict selection of own high quality MCOBs (microchip on Board) meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and luminous flux intensity. Each individual product meets the declared parameters in range ± 2.5%. FPL-LX PRISMA panels meets the requirement for true color rendering.

Luminous flux of FPL-LX PRISMA panels is without UVA and UVB components. This feature is required when working with UV-reactive materials. FPL-LX PRISMA panels have constant luminous flux without a stroboscopic effect.

FPL-EL PRISMA panel series are easily mounted on the ceilings, can be surface mounted or suspended. Their construction design is easy for maintenance.