Flood Light G

Professional FLA-G series luminaires meet the most demanding requirements for illuminating workplaces, machines and control lines with high emphasis on light quality and low glare and fully compatible with EN 12464-1.

Robust design ensures high durability and excellent heat dissipation. Safety is ensured by multi-layered anti-shatter glass and diffusor. The large surface area of the heat sink has a special application with high resistance to dirt adhesion. This significantly extends the maintenance period and reduces the operating costs.

The FLA-G series luminaires have a constant luminous flux without a stroboscopic effect.

Strict selection of own high quality MCOBs (Multi Chip on Board) meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and luminous flux intensity of each individual product in the declared range parameters ± 2.5%.

The revitalization possibility of active technological parts reduces the TCO and extends the lifetime multiple times.

The FLA-G series luminaires can be supplied with the desired light flux spectrum to meet the technology requirements of production. The luminaire body can be in different color versions of the RAL sampler. Lamps are adjustable with locking.