Flood Light H

The professional garden luminaire FLH4 with a unique light spectrum is designed to support the growth and reproduction of plants in small gardens with a wide range of ambient temperatures, with a high demand for reliability and longevity.

The unique composition of the LEDs in the MCOB chips allowed us to create a unique light in the range from very cold blue to a strongly warm red color of the light spectrum. The intensities of the individual light components are optimally combined for the needs of plant photosynthesis. For this reason, we present the BPF data because PPFD values are defined only in a limited spectral band.

The manufacturing technology used for MCOB (Multi Chip on Board) meets the ANSI Binning standards to ensure stable luminous flux. Each individual product meets the declared parameters in the range of ± 2.5%.

The special cover glass allows the passage of the extended light spectrum even in the UVA band to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the MCOB chips used. The luminaire’s power supply creates a luminous flux without a stroboscopic effect. The beam angle enables efficient lighting of the growing area. The robust construction of the FLH4 luminaire ensures high durability and excellent heat dissipation. The luminaire is adjustable with a fixed lock. The luminaire body can be supplied in different RAL shades.

Due to the lower energy consumption to supply the same amount of spectrum needed, the cost of HVAC will be lower. The long life of the FLH4 luminaire is also due to the combination of the Meanwell power supply and the large cooling surface of the robust construction. The possibility of revitalization significantly reduces operating costs and brings a faster return on investment.