Flood Light UVA

FLA1-UV professional luminaires with UV light source in the UVA range are designed for sterilization of rooms with a wide range of ambient temperatures even in polluted air and with high demands on reliability. The design of the FLA1-UV series is for direct irradiation without the presence of humans and living organisms. It enables surface sterilization of indoor spaces without sufficient intensity of daylight with UV component.

The robust construction ensures high durability and excellent heat dissipation. The radiation efficiency of the desired ultraviolet spectrum is ensured by glass without absorption of UV components. Luminaires have adjustable bracket. The beam angle allows efficient illumination of large areas.
Designed for permanent installation or as a portable kit. The life of the FLA1-UV series luminaires is guaranteed by the patented MCOB (Multi Chip on Board) heat dissipation design on the radiator over the entire operating temperature range.

FLA1-UV luminaires have a constant luminous flux with instant onset of full power when switched on.

The strict control of own-made MCOB (Multi Chip on Board) technology meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same luminous flux intensity in the declared band of parameters. The revitalization possibility of active technological parts reduces the TCO and extends the lifetime multiple times.