The iLine Lighting System is a professional lighting solution with integrated cable installation, which significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs. The luminaires are fully compatible with EN 12464-1.

The iLine luminaire system efficiently uses space by utilizing the integration of electrical wiring in the proven steel strip design.

The MCOB (Multi Chip on Board) technology meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and intensity of light output. Each individual product fulfills the declared light parameters within ± 2.5% range. The revitalization possibility of active technological parts reduces the TCO and extends the lifetime multiple times.

The iLine luminaire system greatly accelerates the entire installation of the light system. A wide selection of hanging elements permits mounting on cables or surfacing. Compared with conventional fluorescent lighting installations, iLine Series lamps offer a highly efficient LED lighting solution.

The power supply of the luminaire produces a steady luminous flux without a stroboscopic effect. The stiffness of the structure is ensured by the use of 1.5 m long steel support strips.