Street Light

Professional lights SCLA1 series with verified operating reliability. Wide power range enables to optimize the choice of outdoor lighting luminaires such as all kinds of communications, warehouse areas, parking areas and other places. They can also be used indoors in production halls, warehouses, etc.

The long lifetime of the SCLA1 luminaire series is guaranteed by the combination of a high-quality power supply and a custom MCOB with a patented heat sink design. The design of the body of the luminaire uses natural airflow and has a special application with high resistance to dirt adhesion. This significantly extends the maintenance period and reduces the operating costs.

The MCOB technology meets ANSI Binning standards to ensure the same color and intensity of light output. Each individual product fulfills the declared light parameters within the strictest range ± 2.5%. The revitalization possibility of active technological parts reduces the TCO and extends the lifetime multiple times.

Luminaires SCLA1 have operating reliability in accordance with actual EN standards throughout the ambient temperature range from -40° C to +60°C. The highly durable optics effectively direct the light flux into the 130° x 60° space with an offset from the vertical axis. Luminaires have a constant luminous flux without a stroboscopic effect.

Each luminaire can be fitted with a 20 kA current protector.